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The Buxom Bather

What have SCORE guys, who have seen countless busty models, said about Sha inside SCORELAND and on the SCORELAND Blog? They are known for being uncompromising critics.

"Sha is an incredibly exotic beauty! The black hair/blue eyes/milky skin combination presents a stunning contrast. Those beautifully sculpted eyebrows, high cheekbones, lush lips and her oval face are a gorgeous arrangement whose beauty intensifies tenfold when lit up with her incredible smile."-Highscorer

"What a wonderful girl ! Sha is so beautiful, I'm in love! She makes me crazy on the first view, like Siri. Please, come back very soon Sha."-Eric83

"Sha is really hot! I'm glad TSG has got her on their books. Can't wait so her more of her and wank to her huge tits!"-Slugworth

Member Comments

6 years ago 
Love it when she goes barefoot naked! Sha is so gorgeous, especially when she is nude! Thank you for my hard on and the fantasy of fucking you!

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