Preparing For Her Day

Preparing For Her Day

This is what SCORE calls a "reverse strip" or "morning ritual" pictorial. Instead of starting off wearing clothing and removing it piece by piece, the model wakes up and does her chick thing in the bathroom (such as brushing her teeth or bathing), then dresses and leaves for the day in a sexy outfit. American dancer Dixie Bubbles, Europe's Natalie Fiore, Britain's Lily Madison and other SCORE and V-mag models have made pictorials like this.

"I wear tight dresses, tight shirts and low-cut tops," says Sha who, in these photos, dresses in a top that's sure to attract attention and tight, tight jeans with high heels. "I love attention. The more, the better."

Dressed like this, Sha will get all the attention she wants.
Featuring: Sha Rizel
Photos: 70

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