Sha In Charge

Here is a side of Sha Rizel you haven't seen. General Sha has taken over and no one leaves until Sha gets the information she needs.

You are un-cordially invited to be questioned by her. She has ways of making you talk that no man can resist. Beatings, sleep-deprivation, torture, drugs, hypnosis, extortion? Bah, these are old, obsolete techniques of interrogation and information extraction by crusty old men.

Sha's approach is different and leaves no bruises. You'll be begging Sha for the privilege of spilling out everything by the time she is done with you.

Now...where have you hidden your hard drive?
Featuring: Sha Rizel
Date: August 31st, 2023
Photos: 47

Member Comments

I wish she had went completely naked in these pictures like she did in the video, because I love to see her naked as a jaybird!

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