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Sha In Charge

Like they say, resistance is futile. Our headquarters has been taken over by General Sha Rizel. She's a one-woman army.

General Rizel is known for her take-charge, brusque style. When she needs to have anything done, she gets it done.

Since Sha is now in command, you are compelled to obey her. Or else. Sha has ways of making you talk and giving her the information she needs. If you have never seen this side of Sha, prepare.

There is no technique or military strategy Sha does not know when she needs to accomplish her goals. No one can resist the General's body and beauty. Think you can? Well, you have been warned. That riding crop is not for decoration! Read More »
Featuring: Sha Rizel
Date: September 7th, 2023
Duration: 15:43

Member Comments

Love this sexxy outfit and her beautiful long legs and perfect body

Yes she is such a hottie!!
Incredible body!!!!

I love this girl, she knows how to please. I love that she strips completely naked, I love to see the girls with no clothes on. Sha is a joy to watch and so sexy.

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